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Rare Roses board Game

Rare Roses – On sale now!


image of Jack the Ass

Jack the Ass

The Trollosopher Socratroll


At Cravon Studios we want to bring family and friends back to the table.  We are a tabletop game publisher based in Australia. We publish board games, card games, and Role Playing Games (RPGs).  You can find our Board Games such as Rare Roses in the board games section, and of course Kickin’ Your Ass! along with our other card games in the card game section.

The board game hobby is experiencing a new renaissance. At Cravon Studios we strive to support it with great games. Since the ancient Egyptian game of Senet, board games have been a staple of society. Our devotion to good game design, and our passion for working with great new artistic talent help drive us to create high quality games.

In the world full of digital distractions and short attention spans, our goal is to bring friends and family back to the table. We want to do this by making great games. Not all of our games will be for everyone. Some will appeal to a less gamer heavy, more party atmosphere audience like Kickin’ Your Ass. While others will be a bit deeper like Troll Bridge.  Soon we will be bringing our more gamer heavy games to market as well.

We strive to work with great new talent in the industry. Someone had to give us a break so we feel it’s only fair that we help others turn their passion for the hobby into something they can do as a job too. We are frequently looking for artists and play testers.

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