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Pirate's Sunset

Pirate’s Sunset

When pirates would meet at sea, in order to identify themselves the first ship would call out “Where do you hail from?” and the second would respond “From The Sea!” and they knew they’d met fellow pirates. From The Sea  – A Pirate Game is set at the very end of the Golden Age of Piracy in the first quarter of the 18th century. You take on the role of some of the most famous pirates in history, Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts, Henry Avery, Anne Bonney, and of course Edward “Blackbeard” Teach to name a few. Recruit your crew, take down merchant ships and their escorts, sell your plunder, build your fleet, and survive the British Navy as they attempt to exterminate the free brotherhood of pirates.

Act I Recruit Your Crew

Recruit a hearty crew of hardened sailors to help you become the greatest pirate in history. Be careful though, each crew member will have a specialty, gunnery, navigation, and morale. You’ll need their help to succeed, and when you take more ships, they are the ones you’ll depend on to captain them.

You’ll need to keep your crew active to prevent a mutiny while you build your strength, and your fleet. Capture merchant ships or use your wealth to purchase ships and add them to your fleet or capture and sell cargo to keep them busy. Too long idle at sea and they’ll mutiny!

Act II Build Your Fleet

You can build your fleet by building your wealth and purchasing new ships, or the tried and true Pirate way, take them. You’ll need a strong fleet to fend of the Navy. You can have up to three ships under your control that you can send on missions to sell your goods, capture ships, visits ports to find treasure, or harass your enemies. You can even send them in search of a Letter Of Marque, just in case you want to hedge your bets and maybe switch sides when convenient of course.

Act III Survive The British Navy

As the sun sets on the Golden Age of Piracy, the British Navy comes to exterminate the pirate scourge. Are you and your band of fellow pirates enough to fight them off? Who will be the last pirate standing? Did you uncover the Letter Of Marque and will you switch sides and fight for the Crown at the very end to save your skin? The game concludes with an epic battle to see who will survive to the end!

From The Sea is currently in development and will be on Kickstarter in early 2019.

(work in progress, more to come)

Slated for release in 2019.

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