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On this page you’ll find links to our logos, game images etc. Please note, these are intended for use only in relation to our games and products. For example, if you are a retailer and want to advertise our games that you sell in your marketing material. Or if you are a blogger / podcaster / content creator and you need an image for your content. You are granted a limited license to use this content for the purpose of marketing and advertising, or online content creation in relation to our products and services.

Under no circumstances are these to be used to create derivative works, merchandise (‘Merch’), or to be recreated for commercial use of any kind. This intellectual property, which includes but is not limited to, logos, artwork, box shots, game and game component images, copy, etc. remain the sole property of Cravon Studios.

By downloading or using this content you agree to be bound by the above license and restrictions. Thank you for your understanding.

Cravon Studios Press Kit

Here you’ll find a link to our Press Kit. The kit includes three different logos in PDF, PNG, and JPG in Color and Grayscale. It also includes our standard About Us information in a PDF document. For your convenience, the logos are in separate files.  Cravon Color, Cravon Gray Scale, CS Logo, CS Full Logo, and CS Logo Vertical
Here are the example logos in the kit:

Rare Roses Press Kit

Here you’ll find a link to our press kit information for our game Rare Roses. There is a document describing the game and packing information. There is a .zip file of several graphics that include the game logo, game images, box shots, component art and others. Examples of this artwork are show below.

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