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Kickin Your Ass

Kickin Your Ass Grab Ass Card

Grab Ass

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Kickin Your Ass Get Off My Ass card

Get Off My Ass

Kickin’ Your Ass is a card game for three to six players where you try to build your Ass, while kicking other players’ Asses. It’s great to play with friends and (somewhat grownup) family gatherings. This 68 card game is portable and great to take with you on trips, or to parties. The rules are simple to learn and game usually take around 20-30 minutes.

You try to collect each Piece O’ Ass you can get your hands on. Once you have enough Pieces O’ Ass to complete your Ass, you win. But along the way, other players are trying to kick your Ass. This of course results in you losing your Ass, or at least some of it. We’re kind of riffing on a theme here.

Each player plays with a hand of four cards.  You get to play one card per turn and draw from a common deck.  You build your Ass by collecting and playing 5 Piece O’ Ass cards, Tail, Back Legs, Middle, Front Legs and Head. Of course if all you had to do is collect pieces, it would be too easy. All the while, you can play cards to Kick someone’s Ass which makes them lose pieces of their Ass. Cards like these Grab Ass!

Of course it wouldn’t be any fun to just get your Ass kicked all the time. So we are here to help with cards to fend off the ass kickers like Get Off My Ass! If you can find your Ass with both hands, you can play Kickin’ Your Ass!

Of course, a game like this needs a Drunk Edition. The Drunk Edition get’s a bit rowdier and let’s you partake while getting people off your Ass!

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Kicking Your Ass - Kick Your Ass Card
Kickin Your Ass Grab Ass Card
Kickin Your Ass Get Off My Ass Card
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