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When we  started Cravon Studios, we knew we had the design and business side sorted out, but we had trouble drawing straight lines, even with a ruler.  So we are always looking for good new art talent to help us with our games, and to help new artists get in to the industry.  We tend to work on a per project contract basis. We are always open to give someone a chance or even to just give some advice to new artists. If you would like to contact us about doing some artwork for us, you can email us at info @

Artists we’ve worked with so far.

Daniel Salcido – Artist

Daniel Salcido Artist

For the love of Purple.

Daniel has worked with us and done the art work for Troll Bridge, and Kickin’ Your Ass!  We wanted to work with him because we liked his cartoon style and he loves gaming!  In Daniel’s own words:

“I am a passionate and enthusiastic illustrator, designer, gamer and bad joke teller. I have extensive experience working in the industries of art, graphic design, Illustration, board games, marketing, advertisement and comic books. My favorite color is Purple. You can see more of my work here:


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