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Troll Bridge Ug Troll

Ug, the Ug Trroll

Troll Bridge Box Shot

Troll Bridge board game by Cravon Studios

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Welcome to Troll Bridge. In this game you play an intrepid messenger competing to deliver your messages first across a rickety Troll infested bridge.  But these aren’t your normal Trolls, because that would be boring.

There are two types of Trolls, Ug Trolls, which aren’t all that smart and would rather smash holes in the bridge to stop you from crossing than get into any kind of friendly small talk. Then there are their smarter cousins, the Trollosophers. They of course, want to strike up a conversation and tie up all your time. You will have to answer their questions to pass.

Along the way you can collect treasure to help you deal with the trolls. Such items at the Spear O’ Mint to help you in combat, or the Mirrored Shoes to see what’s hiding in the

The Trollosopher Socratroll


next space.

Troll Bridge has a variable level of difficulty.  When the game is set up there are face down tiles that cover all the spaces in the bridge. These tiles are either Trolls, Treasure or Empty. You can vary the mix of tiles depending on how you want the game to go.

The more Ug Trolls you use the harder the game because they can make the bridge impassable in places. Dealing with Ug Trolls is good dice chucking fun. For an easier game use more Trollosophers for more trivia questions. So if you prefer more dice and less trivia, Ug Trolls are the way to go. If you are a master of all things trivia you might prefer to go with more Trollosophers.

Of course the idea is to be the first one to make it across the bridge with your message. The messages are secret, and the message you carry may help or harm the Kingdom.  You will get points added to your score if you make it across with a good message, and subtracted if you carry a bad message. Bad messages will give you

Troll Bridge Troll-A-Pult

Troll Bridge Troll-A-Pult

points if you didn’t make it across the bridge. The best part is, you don’t know what your message is until the end of the game.

Since messages are worth points regardless, you might even decide to steal messages from other

messengers. Then again, they could steal yours too.

We will also be releasing a Tome of Trollosophy deck for our younger players. This will have trivia questions suited to a younger age group to make sure the entire family can enjoy Troll Bridge.

We hope to see you soon and hope that you, your friends and family enjoy playing Troll Bridge. To be released for the Holiday season 2017.

Here are some images from our Playtest copies of the game:

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Troll Bridge
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