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GenCon 50 Playtesting, What We Looked For, What We Found Out.

GenCon 50 Playtesting, what we looked for, what we found out.

I've just returned home from GenCon 50. It was amazing. The first time GenCon has sold out. Yes there were a lot of people there but to be honest it didn't feel as crowded as I expected. The previous times I've done it always seemed like you were shoulder to shoulder in the dealer hall. This time there was some…

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The Search For Card Manufacturers

The Search for Card Manufacturers

The Search So we've been getting ready to go to print with our card games. In choosing card manufacturers we've had to make some hard choices. This is our first run at making card games so we don't have an established relationship with a particular manufacturer yet. I wanted to see what each one of the list we had would make…

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Board Game Design Tools I Use, What’s In Your Tool Bag?

Board Game Design Tools I Use, what’s in your tool bag?

A few of the podcasts I listen to and some of the forums I frequent have been discussing board game design tools recently.  It made me realize that there are a lot of different methods people use, and tools as well. The Board Game Business podcast demonstrated this very well. One end of the spectrum had mostly pencils and post-it…

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