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Selling On Amazon Lesson #1 Barcodes

Selling on Amazon lesson #1 Barcodes

It's clear that the world is moving to online commerce. I'm not suggesting we should abandon the Friendly Local Game stores (FLGS) because after all you can't play the games on Amazon but you may be planning to sell on Amazon. That being said, it can be hard to get your games into the FLGS. They buy from distributors. They…

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Troll Bridge – Play Testing

Well, you can't create a game without play-testing. Lots, and lots of play-testing.  We do it in a few stages like most designers. First, there is the play test that happens in the designers head. Those aren't all that reliable. But then you get practical and you grab some old pawns, poker cards, and spare chits and make a papertype…

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Becoming Visible

One of the things that I know every new designer and publisher is going to have issues with is becoming visible to the masses.  You can really run in to a chicken and the egg scenario.  What I mean by that is that in order to get attention in the market, you need to have a title that people recognize…

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